Welcome to Windsor Interfaces, developers of FREE innovative software you can use.  Bringing the information you care about to you fast and easily, your computer becomes natural like never before.

We offer Zoomable User Interfaces (ZUIs) in PhotoMesa and DateLens. ZUIs offer an intuitive way of managing more information than fits on the screen.  You zoom out for context, and zoom in for more detail.  ZUIs enable you to work with more information at a time, and you spend less time navigating to find what you want.

NoteLens, PhotoMesa and DateLens are now available completely for FREE! Why free?

"PhotoMesa is flexible and original. It's much easier to annotate and find photos that contain images of a particular person than other organizers I've seen."

-- Mike Himowitz, Baltimore Sun

"It's no wonder that Windsor Interfaces is named Windsor Interfaces. Interfaces is clearly what they do best. They have managed to make a piece of software that behaves rather unlike any I've seen before, yet made me feel right at home using it instantly."

-- Ben Locke, PDACorps.com

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FREE PhotoMesa 3 - Zoomable Image Browser

In Washington Post & Baltimore Sun

  • Annotate, search and zoom
  • View multiple folders at once
  • Own your data
  • Co-exists nicely with Windows
Your best Windows photo manager
License the technology

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FREE NoteLens - Losing your mind?  NoteLens will help you find it
As in the New York Times
  • Extremely easy to use
  • No filenames or saving
  • Integrates with Outlook
  • Assign categories
  • Import existing text notes
  • Find as you type - fast!

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FREE DateLens - Pocket PC Zoomable Calendar

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