News about Windsor Interfaces Products

While Windsor Interfaces is new, our products are based on years of research and they have been in the news regularly.  Read about them below...

About PhotoMesa

  • PhotoMesa a nifty way to organize photographs (news)
    The Baltimore Sun (March 9, 2006) "PhotoMesa is flexible and original. It's much easier to annotate and find photos that contain images of a particular person than other organizers I've seen."


  • Got Gigabytes of Photos? (news) (March 9, 2006) "A huge number of images can be quickly scanned because PhotoMesa displays on the screen all the images in a file or from a search."


  • PhotoMesa 3 (news)
    The Washington Post (July 2, 2005) "Digital photographers who have tucked away so many pictures on their computers that they can't find any of them should consider PhotoMesa 3."


  • (Pocket PhotoMesa Review)
    The Feature (Oct 20, 2003) "The zoomable interface of Pocket PhotoMesa is certainly what sets it apart from other image browsers. This GUI design approach is smooth and very user friendly."

  • A View Into Your Phone (news)
    The Feature (Oct 20, 2003) "How will you find a file or photo among hundreds when all you have to help you is a two-inch screen? Zoomable user interfaces, or ZUIs, may be the answer..."

  • Charles Arthur on Technology (news) (Oct 8, 2003) "Treemap [PhotoMesa] offers a new way of visualising complex data. Nothing beats it for simplicity and the "wow!" effect when you first use it."

  • A Visual Rather Than Verbal Future (news)
    Washington Post (May 8, 2002) "Bederson developed software to browse the thousands of digital photographs he had taken of his 3-year-old daughter. The software, called PhotoMesa, lets people see a ton of image directories and thumbnails at once, then zoom in to get a bigger view of any particular image or group. After downloading the free software from the lab's Web site, I used it to find, in about 10 minutes, a photo I had searched for in vain for months among the thousands of digital photos I have stashed on my home computer."

  • View With a Zoom: Browse and Zoom Digital Images in One Application (news)
    Sun's Java Website (August, 2001) "Looking for a way to zoom across hundreds of digital images quickly? Digital image library zooming is here in a new downloadable application."

About NoteLens

  • Now Where Was I? New Ways to Revisit Web Sites (news)
    New York Times (Jan 22, 2004) "NoteLens ... enables people to retrieve old notes through rapid-fire keyword searches rather than by browsing through folders."

  • NoteLens - A Big Step in the Right Direction (review)
    The Office Weblog (Sept 18, 2004) "NoteLens is inexpensive ... and a perfect solution for those of you who need something better than what Outlook provides but don’t want the complexity (and cost) of a separate application with a lot of bells and whistles. It does what it’s been designed to do well."

About DateLens

  • InfoWorld (news)
    June 25, 2004 "Using DateLens reminds me how rarely we encounter genuinely new ways of interacting with our data."

  • The Business Gazette (news)
    March 5, 2004"For a startup, Windsor Interfaces has drawn wide praise from software critics."

  • Maryland Newsline (news)
    February 10, 2004 "Around dawn one morning, Ben Bederson woke up, turned over, and looked at the window. He saw his Venetian blinds and imagined a new kind of menu, the information expanding and contracting. The idea ultimately became the basis of DateLens, a program designed to make managing a calendar of appointments easier."

  • Pocket PC (discussion)
    October 15, 2003"DateLens, by Windsor Interfaces, provides a completely different way of looking at your appointment data and one I think other PIM vendors (including Microsoft) should seriously look at."

  • (review)
    September 19, 2003"DateLens is my first experience with a ZUI and I must admit from the start that its one I could get used to very quickly. It is immediately intuitive and flows exactly as one would expect."

  • (review)
    September 11, 2003"DateLens Calendar from Windsor Interfaces has been released ... it's my opinion that Windsor Interfaces have developed an interface here worth shouting about."

  • Pocket PC (discussion)
    August 29, 2003"This is very well thought-out. An excellent approach to the problem of drill-up/down navigation."  -- BrianCooksey

    "I downloaded it, tried it then bought it. Seems like the PI interface on steroids.
    " -- lapchinj

  • DateLens Stays Organized in C# (news)
    eWeek (August 12, 2002) "I have often cursed PDA calendars and text-entry searching—particularly when I'm in a hurry. DateLens fixes this by employing a fish-eye representation of dates coupled with compact overviews and search capabilities."

  • Square Zoom in the Hand (news)
    ComputerSweden (Sept 23, 2002)