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Version 1.07 - March 7, 2006

  • Now completely free

Version 1.06 - September 27, 2004

  • Fixed bug where on rare occasion, NoteLens would crash on startup. No notes were ever lost.
    This happened very rarely when NoteLens was forced to shutdown by the operating system.
  • Made it so changing font changes all the fonts in NoteLens (except menus).

Version 1.05 - September 7, 2004

  • The "find" string is no longer changed when you change category (e.g., Email, Contacts, etc.)
  • The current item type and category is now saved from run to run

Version 1.04 - September 2, 2004

  • Fixed bug where importing read-only text files would hang
  • Fixed bug where deleting categories or file items would only delete every other one in some conditions and could crash
  • Fixed bug where some email notes would not sync properly causing overall syncing to not work
  • Now ignores case of filename extension when looking for text files to import

Version 1.03 - January 21, 2004

  • Syncing with Outlook is now much faster and more reliable

Version 1.02 - January 11, 2004

  • NoteLens can now be shown in the System Tray
  • All fields from Outlook Contacts are now imported into NoteLens
  • Double-clicking on a note in the note list now consistently opens NotePad on that note
  • Note dates are now no longer changed when focused on
  • File->Save is now always enabled, and saves everything
  • Fixed bug where importing text files with non-text characters could crash NoteLens
  • Fixed bug where incremental search could hang if you backspaced past the beginning of a search

Version 1.01 - December 13, 2003

  • Added feature to send note as an email (see File menu or right-click)
  • Added more options to right-click option menus)
  • Added ability to convert notes to contacts and back (by dragging onto node on left)
  • Category management improved
  • Fixed bug where searching with full-text didn't always find all relevant notes

Version 1.0 - December 7, 2003

  • Initial release