PhotoMesa 3.1.2 Screenshots
- See PhotoMesa in Action

These are unretouched screenshots of PhotoMesa in action.
Click on a photo to see full resolution.

1. PhotoMesa zoomed out to show
114 photos in 6 folders.

2. After zooming into a group of photos.

3. After zooming into a single photo.

4. PhotoMesa loaded with
518 photos in 18 folders.

5. The result of searching for pictures of
"Todah" the cat taken in 2004.
There are 108 photos found in 8 folders.

6. The same photos as in figure #5,
but regrouped by month.

7. PhotoMesa shown with thumbs in
"scrolling" mode, and bottom panel
showing detail photo view.

8. The let pane now shows the
"annotation" tab which you can use
to add people and categories to photos.